(oh-PROH-bree-um) [Latin] The disgrace or humiliation brought by a shameful act; infamy. A cause of reproach, disdain, or disgrace.

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  • Opprobrium — Op*pro bri*um, n. [L., fr. ob (see {Ob }) + probrum reproach, disgrace.] A state of disgrace; infamy; reproach mingled with contempt; odium[3]. [1913 Webster+PJC] 2. Abusive language. [1913 Webster] Being both dramatic author and dramatic… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • opprobrium — (n.) 1680s, from L. opprobrium disgrace, infamy, from opprobare (see OPPROBRIOUS (Cf. opprobrious)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • Opprobrium — Allgemeine Informationen Genre(s) Death Metal, Thrash Metal Gründung 1986 Aktuelle Besetzung …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Opprobrĭum — (lat.), Schimpf, Beschimpfung. Daher Opprobriren, Jemandem etwas vorwerfen; Oprobration, schimpflicher Vorwurf …   Pierer's Universal-Lexikon

  • opprobrium — I noun abasement, attaint, bad light, bad name, blot, brand, contempt, culpability, debasement, dedecus, defamation, degradation, derogation, disapprobation, discredit, disesteem, disgrace, dishonor, disrepute, disrespect, humiliation, ignobility …   Law dictionary

  • opprobrium — obloquy, odium, ignominy, infamy, shame, *disgrace, dishonor, disrepute Analogous words: *abuse, invective, vituperation, obloquy, scurrility: censure, denunciation, condemnation, reprehension (see corresponding verbs at CRITICIZE) Contrasted… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • opprobrium — [n] disgrace black eye*, blemish, debasement, debasing, degradation, discredit, dishonor, disrepute, disrespect, humiliation, ignominy, ill repute, infamy, loss of honor, obloquy, shame, stain, stigma, tarnish; concept 388 …   New thesaurus

  • opprobrium — ► NOUN 1) harsh criticism or scorn. 2) public disgrace arising from shameful conduct. ORIGIN Latin, infamy …   English terms dictionary

  • opprobrium — [ə prō′brē əm] n. [L < opprobrare, to reproach < ob (see OB ) + probrum, a disgrace < pro (see PRO 2) + * bhrom < base of ferre,BEAR1, formed after Gr propherein, to bring forward, allege, reproach] 1. the disgrace or infamy attached… …   English World dictionary

  • Opprobrium — May also refer to Opprobrium (band) English opprobrium means disgrace arising from exceedingly shameful conduct; ignominy. Scornful reproach or contempt Example of use: Don t give him a term of opprobrium. A cause of shame or disgrace. Categories …   Wikipedia

  • opprobrium — [[t]əpro͟ʊbriəm[/t]] N UNCOUNT Opprobrium is open criticism or disapproval of something that someone has done. [FORMAL] His political opinions have attracted the opprobrium of the Left. ...public opprobrium. Syn: censure …   English dictionary

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